Friday, June 29, 2012

Workout Day 130 - Running Streak Day 67

Another 10KM. But today I was heavily stressed due to some of my personal commitments. I had some pain in my legs also. But the 10KM was in my mind. I did it in a slow pace, but I managed to complete it.

Today's workout including the exercise and run lasted for more than 2 hrs. Now my weight is 80.5 Kg.  I have lost 18KG total till now.  It is a good feeling. But it is a long way to go. I have to lose more weight to reach the target of 70KG.

What is there tomorrow, I have no idea. But I wish to do a 10KM.

Streak Day 67

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 10 Mins 56 Secs

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