Saturday, June 30, 2012

Workout Day 131 - Running Streak Day 68

Today I ran a bit faster to run the 10K. Some unknown pleasure pops inside when you complete the 10K. Is it the runners high or something else. During the start I was in a dual mind that weather I will be able to complete the 10K today. But I somehow agreed to my inner voice to complete the 10K.

I even checked my weight it was 79.9 KG. I have to lose almost 10KG.

I am desperate to reach the 70KG mark.

Tomorrow also I am planning to run a 10K. Hopefully I am perfectly fit to do that.

Streak Day 68

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 6 Mins 4 Secs

Friday, June 29, 2012

Workout Day 130 - Running Streak Day 67

Another 10KM. But today I was heavily stressed due to some of my personal commitments. I had some pain in my legs also. But the 10KM was in my mind. I did it in a slow pace, but I managed to complete it.

Today's workout including the exercise and run lasted for more than 2 hrs. Now my weight is 80.5 Kg.  I have lost 18KG total till now.  It is a good feeling. But it is a long way to go. I have to lose more weight to reach the target of 70KG.

What is there tomorrow, I have no idea. But I wish to do a 10KM.

Streak Day 67

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 10 Mins 56 Secs

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Workout Day 129 - Running Streak Day 66

Lovely is the only word which I am getting now. Did a 10KM today, even though it was not a breath taking speed. It always gives an immense pleasure to touch the 10KM mark.

I wish and hope and I will try to make a 35 day of 10KM. The reason the 35 days is after 35 days I will be celebrating the 100 days of running streak. Keeping everything positive, hoping to remain injury free and stress free.

I have even accepted a challenge to run 241KM in the month of july. This will make the journey even more memorable if I do it.

All the best to me. :)

Streak Day 66

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 10 Mins 58 Secs

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Workout Day 128

Early morning run and that too with tremendous speed is something which everyone might want to experience. The same thing I experienced today.

A speed of more than 10KM/hr with a pace of 5:52 is simply superb by considering my frame of body. Hoping to touch and improve the speed in coming days.

Distance Run: 6.2 KM
Run Time:  36 Mins 25 Secs

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Workout Day 127

It is the fastest 6.2KM. Even though I failed to wake up at 5 in the morning but I made to the roads by 630. I am still surprised how I touched the 6.2KM in 37 mins 44 secs. I felt I was slow but I think I took speed in between the runs and made it before 38 mins.

What should I do in the evening If I come slightly early, should I run a 2 KM or should I opt only to walk. I will leave that for the evening.

Workout Day 127
Distance Run: 6.2 KM
Run Time:  37 Mins 44 Secs

Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout Day 125 and 126

I couldn't post the workout session details yesterday. I am posting for the same today.

It was a good feeling as always to do workout early morning. But today I was not able to do my workouts early in the morning. I slept late I work up slightly late and I went early from home today. Even though I didn't do my run today morning I did my run in the evening. I squeezed my run to 2.2 KM for the day.

Now on I have thought I will wake up early in the morning at 5 so that I can hit the roads by 530 . Anything for running and anything for the running streak.

Workout Day 125
Distance Run: 6.2 KM
Run Time:  48 Mins 36 Secs

Workout Day 126
Distance Run: 2.2 KM
Run Time:  17 Mins 10 Secs

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Workout Day 124

Today I ran the fastest till date above 5KM. I covered a distance of 6.2KM at a pace of 6:11 and at a speed of 9.68KM/hr .

My current weight right now is 81.3Kg. Four days have passes I am not able to reduce even a single gram. Have I hit the plateau. Or the dangerous thyroid is showing its face again.

Tensed heavily about that. But I need to stay focused on  my workouts and runs.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I am planning for a long run of minimum of 10K.

Distance Run: 6.2 KM
Run Time:  38 Mins 26 Secs

Friday, June 22, 2012

Workout Day 123

Nice number of the workout day 123. Anyways coming to the point, it was a very good run with a very good pace. I did a 6.2KM today. I am planning to not to touch 10 KM at least  for next few days.

I completed a small milestone of 60 continuous running days. I would call it 60 streak days. Yippee streak running of 60 days is over. In these 60 days I did a minimum of 2.2KM run and a maximum of 20KM run. Over all a nice experience. Moreover no major injuries.

Hopefully this streak running continuous for a long time. Next target would be to take 10 days at a time.

The desperation to reach the 70 KG of weight is getting deeper. Now I am in between 81 to 82 KG.

Distance Run: 6.2 KM

Run Time:  40 Mins 32 Secs

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Workout Day 122

Sad Sad Sad...:( I couldn't touch the 10KM mark today. I felt extreme pain in both of my legs from last night itself. But I touched 6.2 KM with a slow pace. But the running streak is still going on.Today is the 59th day of my running streak.

I need to do something about the pain, else it may hamper in some other way which may stop my workout sessions.

Keeping all the fingers crossed and keeping the hopes alive that nothing unwanted will happen. Waiting desperately for tomorrow morning which will tell the 2 months of continuous running streak.

Distance Run: 6.2 KM
Run Time:  47 Mins 54 Secs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Workout Day 121

Yesterday there was a fear that weather I will be able to run the desired distance. But some how I never stopped and I was able to reach the 10KM mark. Still there is a pain in the left leg. I am trying to apply some iodex and warm water bag over my legs.

It gives me immense pleasure to run the long distance. The only thing I would be missing right now is the monsoon rains. I have never experienced runs in rain. I want to experience that.

Today evening I am planning to take utmost care of my legs. Tomorrow I need to start again with the run. Even I have started to track my streak running. Streak run for 58 days. It feels great. two more days too touch the 60 days mark and 42 more days to touch  the 100 days of streak running.

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 11 Mins 17 Secs

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Workout Day 120

Four months are over for the continuous workout sessions. In these 120 days there are 12 walk days and 108 run days. It is a nice feeling that the run days are far higher than the walk days.

Today I did a 10 K again. But the sad issue is my legs are paining a lot. I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I need to some how run and I need to some how run a minimum of 6K. Hopefully the pain reduces.

There was no rain even today. I expected that it will rain but unfortunately it didn't.

Hoping I will be in good spirits tomorrow. I will try to get up early tomorrow.

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 10 Mins 55 Secs

Monday, June 18, 2012

Workout Day 119

Today's day was a mixed bag of pain and pleasure. for the first time I ran 10KM (I had done 20 K already) .But a 10 K was for the first time. The pace was slower,but I was happy.

During the end of the run there was a slight feeling that rain will come drizzling from sky, but there were no showers. 

I am hoping that tomorrow there should be some showers while I rain. It will be the first time I will be running in rain.

Evening I did a walk for 30 mins. 

Tomorrow what is in store for me, I have no idea. It is a desperate wish to run 10 K minimum. Lets hope for the best. 

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 18 Mins 8 Secs

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Workout Day 118

This Sunday was a nice one with my workouts. I did a 15.5 KM run. Initially I had planned to run 30 K. I know it is a huge ask from me. But you never know what you might end up doing. I coulldnt touch 30 but I ended up doing 15K. LOL. 

And moreover I completed the highest 59 KM  run for this week. So I am quite ecstatic by that also. 

Today I found the distance of some of new routes. So from now on I dont have to deal with decimal points. I can run exact in full digits. Tomorrow I will try for an exact 10K . Hopefully my legs are proper tomorrow. 

Even walked for 47 mins in the evening...

Sipping a green tea with a dash of lemon in it. It is just wow...

Workout Summary
Total Workout : 176 Mins.
Distance Run: 15.5 KM
Run Time: 2Hr 0 Mins 54Secs

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