Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Workout Day 162 - Running Streak Day 99

Ran a 10K again with a normal pace. Felt good.

I didn't check my weight today. I have started to realize I should just run without thinking much about the weight.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 4Mins 54Secs

Monday, July 30, 2012

Workout Day 161 - Running Streak Day 98

Ran the fastest 10K till date. I think it is the fastest I have ran any run the day I started running 5 months back. Feels good. Still feel sad I have not reduced even a single gram from last 10 days. Worried.

Waiting for tomorrow run.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 0Hr 53Mins 6Secs

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Workout Day 160 - Running Streak Day 97

Thought of running a 15K but ran only 10K. There was a slight pain in my left leg also.

Only 3 days are remaining for the 100days of running, Hopefully I complete it without any problems.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 12Mins 52Secs

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Workout Day 159 - Running Streak Day 96

Ran the fastest 10K. Feels really great. Reached the weight which was 10 days ago. Hopefully to start reducing weight from tomorrow.

What is in store for me tomorrow. But I will try to run a fast 10K or a 15K or a 20K. It all depends on when I get up.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 0Hr 54Mins 55Secs

Friday, July 27, 2012

Workout Day 158 - Running Streak Day 95

It was an awesome run. Just decided I should run 10K within 60 minutes and I did it. Feels nice to do what you decide. Even decided that I should run 10K within 60 minutes whenever I run a 10K. 

Still the weight is same from last 1 week. 

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 0Hr 56Mins 45Secs

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Workout Day 157 - Running Streak Day 94

10K again. But today's day was to run a 15K but I was not able to do it. 

Even the pace was low today. There was pain in both of my legs. 

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 26Secs

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Workout Day 156 - Running Streak Day 93

Feels nice to run a 10K is some decent pace and speed. But it feels equally unhappy when my weight reduces to budge even a single gram. Feeling sad about that.

Tomorrow a 15K is awaiting for me

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 5Mins 22Secs

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Workout Day 155 - Running Streak Day 92

I ran a 15 K , but I am unhappy a lot. My pace was not that good and my weight has increased by 600 grams. I want my weight to reduce fast. By seeing these results, sometimes I get demoralised. But I know I need to work harder the next time.

Will I run a 10K tomorrow or 15K lets see.

Distance Run : 15KM
Run Time : 1Hr 49Mins 1Sec

Monday, July 23, 2012

Workout Day 154 - Running Streak Day 91

Today I ran a 10K. But today my weight would have increased slightly, as i ate lot of rice yesterday.

It was raining very lightly. Wished it could have rained heavily.

Waiting for tomorrow. Plan is to run 15K

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 27Secs

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Workout Day 153 - Running Streak Day 90

For a change I ran for 15K today. It was a slow run. But I wanted to break the barrier of 10K every day. And today I even celebrated 90 days of continuous running. 10 more days to go to complete 100 days of running.

Today I weighed 200 grams more than the previous day. But it is fine. it happens in any weight loss journey. some ups and downs will always be there.

I am planning to do something like this.
Sun:15K Mon:10K Tues:15K Wed:10K Thur:15K Fri:10K Sat:15K 
Hopefully I emulate this.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 47Mins 46Secs

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Workout Day 152 - Running Streak Day 89

Wow. The fastest 10K till date. And probably the fastest run by me considering all the runs till date. It feels nice to run fast and feel your own heart beat and use it as a music while running.

Did the 10K in 55Mins 24Secs at a blistering speed of 10.83KM/hr. I am feeling I should run longer more than 10K. I don't know weather I should attempt it. I will probably try. Lets see..

My weight is now 76.1KG. Desperate to get it down to 70KGs.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 55Mins 24Secs

Friday, July 20, 2012

Workout Day 151 - Running Streak Day 88

One more 10K clocked today. These days I am not running very fast. I am just concentrating hard not to injure myself. I am nearing to the 100days of running streak. So I need to be extra cautious.

My weight today is 76.8KG. Another 6.8KG to reduce to reach 70KG. I want it to happen very soon.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 9Mins 25Secs 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Workout Day 150 - Running Streak Day 87

150th day of workout. It feels great. That too without any break. Wow..

Even though I slept very late by 1:30 i managed to get up early by 5:30 for the run. So only a sleep of 4 hrs. That is a good commitment. But a long way to go.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 8Mins 55Secs

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workout Day 149 - Running Streak Day 86

A 10 K today also. which completes 21 days of 10K everyday. I didn't run very fast today. I wanted to enjoy the slow pace. I completed the 10K in 1hr 10 mins..

Waiting for the 30th consecutive 10K everyday. I know I cannot predict anything right now. But I will surely try very hard to reach the small target.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 3Secs

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Workout Day 148 - Running Streak Day 85

Awesome feeling to run the fastest 10KM today. Completed the 10K in 56Mins 39Secs. It is because of the new shoe or new hope or new name to the shoe "White Bird".

Great to run 10K and good to know that I lost 400 grams than the previous weight check. Today I weighed 77.8KG.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 56Mins 39Secs

Monday, July 16, 2012

Workout Day 147 - Running Streak Day 84

I ran with the new shoes. The old shoes was slightly wet due to yesterday's run in rain.

I felt a slight shoe bit. There was a slight issue on my left toe after the run. May be the new shoe is getting used to my legs.

I ran a 10K at a speed of 9.22KM/Hr. So the inauguration of the new shoe went very well.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 5Mins 6Secs

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Workout Day 146 - Running Streak Day 83

My first run in rain. It felt awesome. I was eagerly waiting for this day, I used to desperately wish that it rains everyday. Running in rain is something which I wanted a lot. And it became a reality today. Thanks to the clouds.

10KM again and it feels nice. I didn't reduce the mileage for the rain. Instead I respected the rain and went on to complete the regular 10KM.

Some pictures...

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 57Secs

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Workout Day 145 - Running Streak Day 82

Today's 10Km was very good. It was not the fastest, but I liked it. The exercise followed by that run was also great. the only sad about today is my weight is increased by 1KG. Shocking..It may be because of my faulty eating from past two days. Hopefully to get it down soon.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 7Mins 58Secs

Friday, July 13, 2012

Workout Day 144 - Running Streak Day 81

Today was a fine run. i maintained a robot speed for the whole run. But I completed the 10KM.

Yesterday I had food in subway and some Chinese food. I didn't  check my weight today. I will check my weight tomorrow.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 11Mins 14Secs

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workout Day 143 - Running Streak Day 80

I was unstoppable today. Ran 10KM at a blistering speed. Ran 10 K in 57mins 32secs. It was amazing to run. Pace of 5Mins 45Secs, with a speed of 10.43Km/hr. I couldn't have asked for anything more today. Even my weight has been reduced. Now it is 78.2Kg. Nearing to the target weight.

Happy all over...

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 0Hr 57Mins 32Secs

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workout Day 142 - Running Streak Day 79

One more 10KM. The pace was slower than yesterday. 10K always gives a high which a normal run lesser than that may not be able to give.

There was a slight 100gm more in my weight. May be due to some bad metabolic activity.

Desperately waiting for the rains to come. I have never run in rains. It would be a very big challenge to run in the rain.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 45Secs

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workout Day 141 - Running Streak Day 78

Fastest till now. 10KM passed at 1hr 0 mins and 27 secs. It would have been wonderful if 10KM would have been completed in Sub 60 mins.

As it is a 10K it is a pleasure. The day 150 days of consecutive workouts. workouts which consisted of run,walk and exercise. Pleasure to reach so many days.

22 more days are remaining to complete the 100 days of running streak.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 0Min 27Secs

Monday, July 9, 2012

Workout Day 140 - Running Streak Day 77

10K is always a satisfaction. The cherry in the cake is when you run faster and you even do stretching workouts to compliment the satisfaction.

Even I am happy today as I am 79.1KG which is the lowest which I have touched in last 7 years. Happy me and happy workout.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 4Mins 28Secs

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Workout Day 139 - Running Streak Day 76

It is always good to run early in the morning. Today I had to go for a small trip near bangalore early in the morning by 8. I reached  back now at 930pm. If  I would have thought of the trip and if I would have planned my run in the evening, then it would have been very difficult. But I was wise enough to run early in the morning by 6.

Simple 10KM run was successfully completed in the morning. It was the 11th consecutive 10KM. I am planning to reach my 100th streak running with a 10KM. I will be running till 100th day every day 10KM. If it happens then I will be the happiest.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 11Mins 8Secs

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Workout Day 138 - Running Streak Day 75

Today is the 75th day of Running Streak. Even though I complete the 10KM today , I did it slightly slower than the other days.

I think I need to think very hard to change the shoes. I felt a slight uneven in my foot rest today.

Anyways, even if I retire my shoes I will be very happy by the way this shoes gave me company till now.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 1Min 13Secs

Friday, July 6, 2012

Workout Day 137 - Running Streak Day 74

Today I ran the fastest. The most interesting part of today's 10KM is 1Hr 1Min 10Sec. It involves only 1.

Weight has increased to 81.1Kg. I don't know what has happened. Feeling sad about this.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 1Min 10Secs

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Workout Day 136 - Running Streak Day 73

It was a very good run. There was a pain in my back from yesterday. Still I attempted the difficult task. But then while I was running I didn't experience even a slight pain.

But I skipped the morning stretching exercise. I will do it from tomorrow. I didn't want to ruin the back by some stretches.

The only sad part is my weight has increased to 80.7 KG. Sad very sad.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 4Mins 41Secs

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Workout Day 135 - Running Streak Day 72

10KM done. It was a painful 10K. I was not able to do my regular exercise followed by the run. There as a terrible pain in my back. Even the pace was slow as compared to the slow pace yesterday.

I am just worried what has happened to my back.

Hoping that it will be alright by today evening. I need to run tomorrow morning.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 12Mins 26Secs

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Workout Day 134 - Running Streak Day 71

Another 10KM today. I have reduced the stride length today of my casio watch. Now it showed by almost perfect reading. It showed me 9.6KM. It is nearly accurate. Not exactly accurate.

It was a painful run today. The mark of 10KM is completed. I am happy about that. Even my weight has increase by 600 grams. I think I must have gone wrong in my diet yesterday. I had rice in the afternoon.


Waiting desperately for the tomorrow run.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 10Mins 41Secs

Monday, July 2, 2012

Workout Day 133 - Running Streak Day 70

Even though I completed the 10KM today also, but the pace was very slow as compared to yesterday. The watch also displayed some erroneous results. It could be because of my slow pace and I didn't change the stride length.

In the end there is a small cheer I have reached below 80KG. hurrah.

Next run tomorrow.

Streak Day 70

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 10 Min 35 Secs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Workout Day 132 - Running Streak Day 69

Super splendid run. Ran the fastest 10KM till now. I ran the fastest may be due to the new running watch Casio SGW 200 vdr.

It is an amazing watch. I did a run for 10K but it showed me very accurate reading of 10.6 KM. May be it is because I need to change the stride length. Then it would have been more accurate. Overall I liked the watch.

Soon I will be posting the review of the watch.

Streak Day 69

Distance Run: 10 KM
Run Time:  1 Hr 1 Min 57 Secs