Sunday, July 8, 2012

Workout Day 139 - Running Streak Day 76

It is always good to run early in the morning. Today I had to go for a small trip near bangalore early in the morning by 8. I reached  back now at 930pm. If  I would have thought of the trip and if I would have planned my run in the evening, then it would have been very difficult. But I was wise enough to run early in the morning by 6.

Simple 10KM run was successfully completed in the morning. It was the 11th consecutive 10KM. I am planning to reach my 100th streak running with a 10KM. I will be running till 100th day every day 10KM. If it happens then I will be the happiest.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 11Mins 8Secs

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