Sunday, July 22, 2012

Workout Day 153 - Running Streak Day 90

For a change I ran for 15K today. It was a slow run. But I wanted to break the barrier of 10K every day. And today I even celebrated 90 days of continuous running. 10 more days to go to complete 100 days of running.

Today I weighed 200 grams more than the previous day. But it is fine. it happens in any weight loss journey. some ups and downs will always be there.

I am planning to do something like this.
Sun:15K Mon:10K Tues:15K Wed:10K Thur:15K Fri:10K Sat:15K 
Hopefully I emulate this.

Distance Run : 10KM
Run Time : 1Hr 47Mins 46Secs

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